Lazy Sunday – The Minimal Electro of N’to


the lazy sunday, a mix and a day at home

The French Touch has never been so thriving in recent years! The Minimal Electro / Techno mix by N’to is there to prove it

I say that it should only have Sundays in the week! It would be a great opportunity to listen to some good mixes all day long. That being said, nothing prevents you to connect to and like our FB page to find the best mixtapes of The Lazy Sunday Mix and create your own week of Sundays!

Our section has repeatedly proved it; The French Touch with its Electro music scene will continue to make a lot of noise. A new generation of young DJs emerges and it keeps the clubbers and the festival goers on the planet dancing. The mix of N’to, once again, proves it to you.

n'to sat on a bench

N’to is French and was born in Marseille. Like many of his fellow DJs born in the years 80 – 90 (Fakear, Superpoze, Flume…), he is part of that generation of artists from the Electro scene that did not begin its career as a DJ but directly as a producer… The Ableton generation!

In 2013, N’to is one of the headliners at WeAre Together, an Electro music festival in Marseille. The mix that we offer you today is none other than the recording of his performance. The least one can say about it, is that this live is magic. A high-level Minimalist Electro Techno worthy of the greatest DJs in Berlin. During this performance, N’to delivered a precise and sharp mix like the eye of the seagulls… A sharpened live cut to the millimeter which only reflects the work and the perfectionism of the artist. In short, a heavy and heady sound just the way we like it! You can press play with your eyes closed, it’s good stuff…

– Press play and enjoy your Lazy Sunday –

1 – N’to & Grant Lazlo – Minor Swag
2 – N’to – The Sand Dealer
3 – N’to – Petite
4 – Worakls – Bleu (N’to Remix)
5 – Boss Axis – Pitau (N’to Remix)
6 – Worakls – When The Birds Go In The Wrong Way (N’to Remix)
7 – N’to – After Laughter
8 – N’to – Utopia
9 – N’to – Every Wall Is A Door
10 – Mode B – Antwerpen (N’to Remix)
11 – N’to – 1825
12 – Worakls – Souvenir (N’to Remix)
13 – N’to – Trauma
14 – N’to – T’es Triste
15 – N’to – The Bosnian

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