Altaya does well with The Beatles Vinyl Collection


Honestly with Atlas, Altaya, Hachette and all these companies, we are used to the fact that they constantly realizing collections of models, encyclopedias of all kinds, Star Wars figurines, compilations of the greatest pre-war tunes, and that’s not the least of it. In short collections without great interest that ultimately cost us an arm and a leg!

But for once, Altaya, not to name them, step up their game by offering a collection in 23 issues of the Beatles discography, called simply “The Beatles Vinyl Collection”!

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The Beatles Vinyl Collection

At the end of August Altaya will release its collection of records of the Beatles.

What will this collection contain?

Each issue will contain a single, double or triple album of the Beatles. The first issue, for example, is Abbey Road, the second issue is Sgt. Pepper ‘s Lonley Hearts Club Band, etc. All albums in the collection have been remastered and are available in 180 grams. In addition each record is accompanied by a small booklet containing exclusive photos, anecdotes about the group, their albums, the story being every recording, their places in the history of music, etc., all told by Kevin Howlett, the Beatles historian.

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What does Altaya promise for The Beatles Vinyl Collection?

Few nice things, but one must attract the customer! If you subscribe to the collection with the code “PROMOBEATLES” by clicking on this link and this before August 15th, 2018, you will receive exclusive gifts such as portable power bank, mug, backpack, t-shirt, etc., to the effigy of course of the Beatles! Gifts that can be pretty cool in fact, if you are a fan of the band.

Find below the list of the 23 issues with the albums they contain:

altaya, the beatles vinyl collection

We sincerely believe that Altaya’s initiative and collection “The Beatles Vinyl Collection” is really cool and worth mentioning.

If you’re a true fan of the Beatles, we do not doubt that you probably already have all these records and probably in their original versions. But for a new record collector, the Beatles discography in a remastered version can always be interesting to add to its collection!

Photos © Courtesy of Apple Corps Ltd. and Altaya