Smirnoff Mindtunes


When the Smirnoff Mindtunes Project puts the music at the service of the mind!

The science fiction from yesterday is the today’s reality with the Mindtunes project. Andy Walker, Jo Portois and Mark Rowland, three British and physically disabled guys have been chosen to participate to a music creation project by the mind. In partnership with the music producer Dj Fresh, they tried to create a Dubstep tune in few days.

the smirnoff mindtunes project, when creating music with your mind

The technology used for this project orchestrated by Smirnoff, is a technology capable of measuring the electric brain activity. The brain activity is indeed, measured, interpreted and transformed into electric signals in order to create a tune. The process is ‘simple’: transform the emotions into brain waves, then brain waves into sound waves.

I’d like to produce a big, fat, dirty, epic dubstep tune!

The dream team, Andy in charge of the noise FX, Jo the synth and Mark the beat, went to work and together they produced a tune, rather well made.
Here is the result in video.

We will congratulate PhD Julien Castet (neurotechnology expert), Tom De Rons (sound engineer), Dj Fresh (Dj and music producer), Julie Tugwell (Queen Elizabeth’s Foundation for Disabled People), Smirnoff and every single person who participated to this beautiful project. Without to forget, obviously, the three fellows Andy, Jo and Mark for their amazing performance and their unbelievable humanity. A nice lesson about life and humility.

To remind you, the Smirnoff Mindtunes Project has been created in partnership with the Queen Elizabeth’s Foundation for Disabled People and the proceeds from the sale of the track will benefit the foundation.

To download the tune, it’s here >> Mindtunes (feat. Dj Fresh)
More info about the foundation, it’s there >> Queen Elizabeth’s Foundation for Disabled People