The Collector’s Edition of Journey on vinyl


The original soundtrack of the video game “Journey” is released in a special edition on vinyl

screenshot, journey, the video game

Ode to life… Ode to contemplation… to the poetry and to the wide deserted landscapes, Journey is an exceptional video game where it is not about to kill someone or to explode a military base but simply about travelling the word by the winds. The soundtrack is simply magnificent and you literally are transported in an atypical universe.

Already released on PS3 a few years ago, Journey takes a fresh start in 2015 to be released on PS4. Scheduled for August via iam8bit (the same website that launched the collector’s edition of Hotline Miami 2), the soundtrack of the game will see the day as a vinyl boxset available on pre-order this week for $65 – including shipping cost-.

Journey, the special edition on vinyl

If the beautiful sceneries succeed alone in immersing you into the universe of the game, the composer Austin Wintory completes the picture by taking us deep into this mysterious experience. The musical themes are beautiful and accentuate the sense of fullness. It is so rare that it deserves mention; the entire soundtrack was notably nominated to The Grammy Awards. A first for a video game.

The special edition therefore consists of 2 vinyl with 4 different sides. The scarf of the character will make your head spin once on the turntable. On long observation, the vinyl becomes mesmerizing.

As for the vinyl cover, designed by the artist Mark Englert, famous for his illustrations, it transcribes perfectly the dreamlike beauty of the game. The illustration used for the cover can be purchased framed (30*90 cm). The stock is limited to 350 units, so hurry up! Especially since the poster is signed and numbered.

print collector of journey, signed and numbered

In short, let us not be afraid of words: this special edition is just a great Art at all levels.