Saxophonists – Vinyl Record Art


Saxophonists carved out from a vinyl record

One of the great specialties of Cb… Vinyl Record Art is to carve, to immortalize into the vinyl record, everything that is related to the music. Whether it’s a group logo, a musical instrument, a blues icon, or to reproduce the cover of an album, the main thing is to pay tribute to music through iconography and vinyl support!

Recently, I was asked to realize, for two different people, visuals around the saxophonist! Surely two admirers of Jazz music!

Bill The Saxophonist

The first one of the two designs is a saxophonist from the 50s / 60s, a genre that we hardly ever encounter, old school as they say. Legend has it that he was going through the bars of New Orleans in search of the best jam session, to stick around and play out his improbable musical notes. It is according to this legend that I wanted to retranscribe all the intensity of the character through a vinyl record!

saxophonist carved out from a vinyl record

Gérard The Saxophonist

The second saxophonist is a little more modern. Baggy pants, cap, he is definitely part of the new school. His notes are more abrupt, less melodic, more eccentric, more industrial, more deconstructed, more experimental. As a busker, he roams the cities in search of the best public!

saxophonist carved out from a vinyl record

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