The strictly 7″ Soul mix by Nydia Ines


the lazy sunday, a mix and a day at home

Deep in my Soul, a mix full of treasures from the 60’s

This is indeed Sunday, and once again, I dug up for you this week a great mix. It’s getting cold so dress warmly, sit in a comfortable chair and prepare yourself to receive a healthy dose of sun with the Lazy Sunday Mix!

7" record

The love stories always start with a song. This time, it is with a full mix. Nydia Ines explains on her SoundCloud that she had done and sent this mix, “Deep In My Soul”, to a guy she had just met back in 2011. Shortly after, he became her husband. More original than a restaurant, a letter or a bouquet of flowers, this Soul mix special 45s is more than a beautiful declaration of love. We all secretly dream to receive the same thing after a first date.

Anyway, with this selection of excellent 60’s Soul tracks, Nydia restores the original purpose of a mixtape. The art of creating mixtapes for our lover has been lost lately; Nydia Ines gives us the desire to do it again!

– Press play and enjoy your Lazy Sunday –

I did not find it!!!
Little game, if you can put a name to these little wonders, let me know!

Nydia Ines is on: SoundCloud // Twitter