Sculptures on recycled vinyl records – Our shop


The long-awaited moment has finally arrived! We officially launch our shop to sell art and sculptures on recycled vinyl records! It’s a project we’ve been working on for a while and it’s finally coming out to the world. It is with pride and emotion that we present you the Cb Vinyl Record Art shop!

Unique and original pieces of art on vinyl records

You will find in our online shop many collections on quite different themes. These collections reflect our inspirations and influences of the cultures and subcultures from the 80s to date.

One of our main inspirations for the creation of our sculptures is music! Whether it is the artists, the instruments or the different musical genres, we offer a whole collection of designs on the subject.

blues design carved out from a recycled vinyl record

You can find this collection here: Sculptures and musical theme on recycled vinyl records!

Atypical designs on recycled vinyl

We also created an original series with geometric shapes on vinyl records. Spirals, repetitive forms, abyssal depths, etc. In this collection, you can also discover our series of visuals of Origami birds carved out from vinyl records! A beautiful series to embellish your home and interior design.

origami birds carved out from vinyl records and framed

Among these collections you will also find a beautiful series of animal skull designs carved out from vinyl records or a series “Various” where you can discover many visuals on many different themes like this beautiful zebra:

zebra carved out from a recycled vinyl record
Zebra – Art and Sculpture on vinyl record

Note that if you do not find the visual that makes you happy in our shop, we also take requests! A music band logo, a special visual for a birthday present, the logo of your sports team, etc., ask us for your personalized design via the contact form of our site. We will be pleased to discuss your project with you.

Our pieces of art are atypical, original and Made In France! We offer a decorative object that is both vintage and modern. We recycle old vinyl records to give them a new life in the form of a piece of art in itself.

Stay tuned on the Cb Vinyl Record Art Facebook page or on our website, we regularly update our catalogue with new designs!