15 naked and sexy album covers – Part.2

15 naked and sexy album covers – Part.2

bjork Vespertine

When album art meets censorship

Art and censorship, since art is art, have always led to a kind of war, setting moral and political correctness to different degrees. If censorship is sometimes necessary and justified; it often happens that it imposes limits that have no place to be, especially when it comes to art on album covers. Does censorship has the right to restrain the creativity of our artists? The answer is not so obvious but we have our idea on the matter! It’s up to you to make up your own mind!

After a sexy and nude first part, here is our second part of the album covers which, when they came out, were confronted to censorship.

16 – Softcore Jukebox, Ladytron

Softcore Jukebox, Ladytron cover album

Music band founded in 1999 in Liverpool, they are notably known for their rather dark electro, dotted with synths and telling pieces of life. For the release of the album Softcore Jukebox, two of the four members of the group, Helen Marnie and Mira Aroyo wear a bikini on the cover!

Artist: Ladytron
Album: Softcore Jukebox
Release Date: October 7, 2003

17 – Playing Possum, Carly Simon

carly simon, playing possum cover album

Famous singer, songwriter and American actress, she became famous with “Nobody Does It Better”, song from the James Bond soundtrack, “The Spy who loved me”. In 1975, she takes a rather sexy pose for the cover of her album “Playing Possum”.

Artist: Carly Simon
Album: Playing Possum
Release date: April 21, 1975

18 – Vespertine, Björk

bjork, vespertine cover album

Do we still really need to introduce Björk? For the cover of her 4th studio album, Björk, dressed in her “Swan” dress by Marjan Pejoski, which she wore at the 73rd Academy Awards ceremony, holds a sensual pose. Very beautiful!

Artist: Björk
Album: Vespertine
Release Date: August 27, 2001

19 – Sexuality, Sébastien Tellier

sebastien tellier, sexuality cover album

With his 3rd studio album, Sébastien Tellier, a worthy representative of the French Touch, explores sexuality as indicated by the title of the album. Subject also well represented with the cover!

Artist: Sébastien Tellier
Album: Sexuality
Release Date: February 25, 2008

20 – This Is Hardcore, Pulp

this is hardcore, pulp album cover

Led by singer Jarvis Cocker, the British group Pulp knows a great success in the 90s with the album “Different Class”. For the album “This Is Hardcore” the band offers a cover that is both sexy and disturbing, just like the titles it contains!

Artist: Pulp
Album: This Is Hardcore
Release date: 1998

21- Candy-O, The Cars

candy-o, the cars album cover

In 1979, the cover of the album “Candy-O of the American rock / new wave band The Cars is illustrated by the master of the pin-up design Alberto Vargas. The cover is sublime and really sexy!

Artist: The Cars
Album: Candy-O
Release Date: June 13, 1979

22 – Goody Goody, Goody Goody

goody-goody, goody-goody album cover

In 1978 the disco group Goody Goody released an album with a very evocative cover. A Disco / Funk opus that makes you want to dance!

Artist: Goody Goody
Album: Goody Goody
Release date: 1978

23 – I Won’t Dance, Celtic Frost

i wont dance, celtic frost album cover

Who said metal could not be sexy? Anyway, the Swiss group Celtic Frost proves the opposite with this beautiful cover of the album “I Won’t Dance” released in 1987.

Artist: Celtic Frost
Album: I Won’t Dance
Release date: 1987

24 – Sound Kapital, Handsome Furs

handsome furs, sound kapital album cover

After the metal, it’s the turn of Montreal’s post-punk revival band Handsome Furs to explore nudity on an album cover. They present us a nice cover on their album “Sound Kapital” !

Artist: Handsome Furs
Album: Sound Kapital
Release Date: June 28, 2011

25 – For The Beauty Of Wynona, Daniel Lanois

for the beauty of wynona, daniel lanois album cover

There is something fascinating and disturbing at the same time with this cover art by Czech photographer Jan Saudek. The picture illustrating Daniel Lanois’ album is no less sublime!

Artist: Daniel Lanois
Album: For The Beauty Of Wynona
Release Date: March 23, 1993

26 – Pressure Drop, Robert Palmer

pressure drop, robert palmer album cover

Robert Palmer for the release of his album “Pressure Drop” proposes to blow off some steam with a beautiful and sexy cover!

Artist: Robert Palmer
Album: Pressure Drop
Release Date: November 1975

27 – Rosa Surfer, The Pixies

surfer rosa, pixies album cover

For the album “Surfer Rosa” , The Pixies offers a beautiful cover that portrays a sultry flamenco dancer. A really beautiful cover.

Artist: The Pixies
Album: Rosa Surfer
Release Date: March 21, 1988

28 – Cut, The Slits

slits, cult album cover

A cover in the image of the legendary London punk rock band The Slits. A cover that inspires freedom just like their songs and state of mind!

Artist: The Slits
Album: Cut
Release Date: September 7, 1979

29 – Indelibly Stamped, Supertramp

indelibly stamped, supertramp album cover

The cover of the second studio album represents the tattooed torso of a topless woman with crossed arms. Of course this cover will be censored and nipples hidden by gold stars.

Artist: Supertramp
Album: Indelibly Stamped
Release Date: June 25, 1971

30 – Force It, UFO

ufo, force it album cover

The cover of this album is signed by Hipgnosis, British graphic design collective, which has gained its fame by designing covers for Pink Floyd, Genesis and Led Zeppelin. The cover will be censored in the United States.

Artist: UFO
Album: Force It
Release date: June 1975

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