These ads that are using vinyl records as a way to sell anything – Part II


The return of the vinyl record with great fanfare is no longer to be demonstrated or proved. The record is now an indisputable part of the audio landscape. Indeed, it had spent years in the sahdow, but did it really disappear in recent years? Not really! In any case, even if the record cut itself down to size, the tv commercials did not hesitate to use it to sell products other than vinyl in itself. We selected for you in this article the second part of these ads that are using vinyl records as a way to sell anything!

It’s time for a second world tour of the most fun and offbeat ads featuring the vinyl record!

A male version of Flashdance

Carlton: Flashbeer, Australia, 2001

Thanks to whom the scratch?

Heineken: Scratch, USA, 2001

What about pissing off your neighbours

Vattenfall: Electricity for neighbours, Sweden, 2001

The pain in the ass

Darty: L’emmerdeur (the pain in the ass), France

Customer: Hello Sir!
Seller: Hello Sir!
Customer: You are specialized in Hi-fi equipment!
Seller: Yes Sir.
Customer: You have a lot of stereos!
Seller: You can make your own stereo, more than a 1000 possibilities, in all price ranges.
Customer: Well, let’s hear them!
Seller: All of them?
Customer: Yes! All of them! I brought my record!

Music playing…

Seller: Can you take over during my lunch break?
Seller: 2: Yes of course!

Music playing…

Seller: Excuse me Sir, It 8PM and…
Customer: You are about to close! I had a wonderful day. How many stereos did you sell?
Seller: 80!
Customer: Well, see you tomorrow!

Voice over: For the hifi equipment, a Darty’s choice can’t be imitated!

So convenient

Pepsi: Scratching, USA, 2001

In therapy

Fnac: Sophie, France

Sophie: Hello, my name’s Sophie and I’d like to buy a mp3 player.
Therapist: Well done Sophie!
Sophie: However, I really don’t know how I can insert all my records in it! When we say “compressed”, does it mean “crushed”. If I want to put my favourite tracks in it, should I brake the record into pieces, huh?

Message: Don’t panic, on fnac music, you can download all the music you like.

Voice over (therapist): Dry you eyes Sophie, please, dry your eyes.

It’s raining records

Xm: Dropping Vinyl, USA, 2002

The Sparks

Yellowglen: Welcome to the House of Sparkling, Australia, 2013

To keep partying, it’s time to skip the track

Action Victimes et Citoyens: La Même Chanson (the same song), France, 2014

Message: 925 deads per year.
Driving under influence, it’s always the same song.

An app story

Google: Extensions, USA, 2010

Un parfum dans l’air

Nina Ricci: L’Air, France, 2011

Kitchen party

Ikea: Cusine mix, France, 2011

Party at home

Cravendale: Last Glass, UK, 2007