Our Kickstarter – Original Vinyl Art Made From Recycled Records


Cb Vinyl Record Art is a collective of artists who create pieces of art made from recycled vinyl records!

Cb Vinyl Record Art is a collective of enthusiasts, influenced by cultures and subcultures from the 80s to the present day. As unconditional lovers of vinyl record, art, design and decoration, we want to develop, through our project, an activity that will allow us to offer you our artistic vision on vinyl records.

Passionate by the support and tired of seeing old vinyl records end up in the bin, we recycle them. Today, the collective meets to propose to the greatest number unique and original pieces of art ready to find a second life and to be displayed on a wall in a living room, in an office or simply to be offered as a gift to a friend.

project presentation - cb vinyl record art

Each record requires a particular care. We turn them away from their first use to create unique pieces of art in itself and decorative objects.

We remind you at this stage of the project that no vinyl record is injured in the process! We exclusively work with scratched records that can no longer be played. Using records that could still be listened to on a turntable was not an option.

In short:

  • We only work with scratched records
  • The records are not painted
  • We keep the original labels
  • Each piece of art is made out from a single record (no collage)

logo white stripes carved out from a recycled viny lrecord

For the launch of our project on Kickstarter from April 10th until 09 May 2017, we offer you a varied catalogue of visuals on different themes that influenced us such as music, contemporary art, geometry, pop art, flat design, etc.

It’s up to you to choose your favorite visual!
We also offer several options for each visual: framed, unframed, single record, number by 5, 10, 15 … Choose yours right below!

(Once the Kickstarter campaign is over, we will contact you for the choice of your design)

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designs carved out from vinyl records

NB: The records labels shown on our designs are not corresponding to the one you will receive.

our options on records
specials works on vinyl records

For our Kickstarter, The Cb Vinyl Record Art collective has decided to go big and it is with joy and pride that we worked on special projects to show you our know-how. Our set ups of several vinyl records on the theme of music are presented below!

Four pieces “The Beatles”

Composed of the four members of The Beatles, the beetles four pieces is presented in two versions:

  • A version composed of four black records

the beatles carved out from 4 balck vinyl records

  • A version a little more exclusive made of two red and two blue records

red and blue beatles carved out from coloured records

The composition will be sent on canvas in an American black frame with dimensions of 70 * 70 cm.

Mozart Pop Art

Our exclusive Mozart Pop Art work is composed of four coloured records: pink, orange, red and blue displayed on coloured backgrounds.

mozart carved out from coloured vinyl record, pop art
The composition will be sent on painted canvas with dimensions of 80 * 80 cm.


In the form of a tribute to the Village People, our work is made up of the members of the group in “skulls” version.

village people carved out from 6 black vinyl records
The composition will be sent on canvas in an American black frame with dimensions of 80 * 120 cm.

Support our project and pre-order today your vinyl with Cb Vinyl Record Art!

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To support our project, we also offer smaller contributions:

Slipmat for your turntable

By choosing this reward, you will become the proud owner of a slipmat featuring the logo of the collective.

slipmat on turntable


  • 100% polyester slipmat
  • 30cm diameter
  • Thickness: 1.6mm
  • Print of the logo by sublimation

2018 Lego Calendar

With this reward, you will not miss any day of the year. Our 2018 Lego calendar offers you beautiful pictures of figurines imitating famous bands of music. As a bonus, you will receive with the calendar, three unique pin badges on the theme of the vinyl record and a sticker of the collective logo to be pasted on your vinyl case, your fridge, car…

lego calendar


  • Dimensions of the calendar: 29*29cm
  • Pin badge: 3.8 cm diameter
  • Round vinyl sticker with white background, 9 cm diameter

Share your love for the music with us!

Support our project, order or offer a recycled vinyl record revisited by Cb Vinyl Record Art!

vinyl records art framed on a wall
production timeline

Why do we need your pledge?

Our collective tremendously believes in the project we are launching on Kickstarter. This project will allow us to share with you our love for music and the vinyl support. On the other hand, we think that pieces of art especially those presented on a support as warm as the vinyl record should be accessible to all and not just to an elite.

With your financial support, we will be able to invest in a precise cutting machine that will allow us to distribute our works on a larger scale. Most of our designs are currently cut by hand. With the machine we will be able to meet a greater demand to embellish your living room with our unique and original works.


Our Press Kit

You like our work, our project and you want to talk about us on your blog, in your magazine, on social networks? We provide you a press kit containing our press release, our logo and illustrative photos. Download here:

download our press kit

team title
the cb team
profil team

Thank you!

The Cb Vinyl Record Art collective thanks you for your commitment, your support and hope that our project will attract your attention!

We would especially like to thank our people for their help, advice and support and without whom this project could not have been possible:
Pierre Urbaniak, Pauline Lapadu-Hargues, Pierre Desrumeaux, Laure Lecomte and Felicien Verriest, Charly DL, Antoine Cornu.

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Risks and challenges

We are fully aware of the task and challenge ahead. We are confident in our creative process, the first creations should be delivered on time. Please note that there is a slight chance that we will run behind the announced schedule. In this case, we will contact you to give you further details. In any case, rest assured that we will remain transparent and as communicative as possible towards those who support us throughout the Kickstarter campaign and beyond.