What gift to offer to men?


It’s Christmas time and like every year, women always ask themselves the same question: What will I offer as a gift to my husband, my brother, my son? This question also remains on birthdays, holidays, housewarming, and so on.

Ah men, what do we constantly want? A steak and french fries! What do we really need in life? A sweat pant, a beer and a toolbox! For the rest, it is often difficult to find the right gift that will please us.

Try to offer him a sculpture on vinyl record!

It is true that in terms of interior design, men are not all with nice tastes. A poster of Raquel Welch in “One Million Years BC”, a poster of Jimi Hendrix or Che Guevara is enough for us to decor a room. But let’s be clear, this is not necessarily the taste of all women.

So to reconcile men with the interior design and to give them a nice gift, we propose to offer them a piece of art on vinyl record! Much better than a poster or a wrench, you will be sure to please him!

ram skull carved out from a vinyl record
A trophy in the form of a ram’s skull carved on a vinyl!

What are his tastes, what is he passionate about?

To be sure to give him the good gift with the good visual carved out from a vinyl record, ask yourself the right questions:

  • What is his favourite music band?
  • What is his favourite style of music?
  • What is the last concert he went to?
  • What kind of cinema does he like?
  • Etc.

guitar design carved out from a vinyl record
A nice visual of a guitar to offer to a music enthusiast!

You will find in our online store many visuals sculpted on recycled vinyl records and on many themes: Geometric design, musical visuals, abstract visuals, etc., the choice is great; you will find the perfect visual to offer to a man!

If you do not find the visual that will please your man (music band logo, a design related to his passion, etc.), know that Cb Vinyl Record Art also works on request. You can contact us via the contact form of our site; tell us about your visual, your desires and we will be happy to work on your project!