Birds On The Wires by Jarbas Agnelli


The art of transforming objects and scenes that surround us into music!

There are days like that when an idea comes up from nowhere. A bit like the guy who one morning said to himself: “What about to put a handle on these doors!”. Or like the guy who said one day: “I’ll put a Mentos in Coke and we’ll see how it goes…”. In short, some stupid ideas but with a true impact.

crows on a wire in dumbo

That’s kind of what happened to Jarbas Agnelli, a Brazilian artist. One morning while reading the newspaper, he saw a picture of birds squatting on electrical wires. That was when he said to himself: “These birds on a wire strangely look like to notes on a musical staff”. Immediately, curious to know what the birds were about to create as a melody, the latter hastened to cut the photo, to jump on the piano and turn those birds into notes! The result is quite interesting, the melody is nice and the introduction could be used as a lullaby.

But the story does not end there! The artist, a producer and musician himself arranged the melody into a composition for an orchestra of oboes, xylophones, clarinets, flutes, violins, cellos and bassoons. Because he didn’t do it for the glory or recognition, Jarbas Agnelli gave credit, property, composition and all the merit of the melody to the birds themselves. In short, an original project, very nice which has no other purpose than to give us a good time!