Lazy Sunday Mix – Beat Torrent, Live Set ‘08


lazy sunday happy easter

An explosive mixtape served by Beat Torrent mixing Hip Hop, Rock and Electro. A time bomb à la française

This weekend is the Easter weekend and we sincerely hope that you will spend it with your family or your friends. We also hope that you’ll have a good time without eating too much chocolate and avoiding the indigestion. However, feel free to consume as much as you like our Lazy Sunday Mix!

Who is behind Beat Torrent? This is a duo of Djs from Nantes, France, composed of Atom and pFeL who are none other than 2 of the 4 Djs of C2C. Evolving in parallel of the French legendary quartet who won the DMC World DJ team champion title 4 times in a row (2003 to 2006), Beat Torrent have produced in 2008 a completely crazy live set.

beat torrent eating a vinyl record

Composed of Hip Hop samples, rock and electro music, made with scratch and mixes all over the place, the album “Live Set 2008” is an impressive bootleg that will not let you down. During the hour that lasts the mix, you will cover all the classics you have listened to during your musical youth. A brilliant mixtape executed to the millimeter that dust off our favorite tracks.

So in that mix, Jimi Hendrix sits without blushing alongside the Daft Punk, Kris Kross plays with Aerosmith and Run DMC, DJ Shadow jams with the Beastie Boys while Nirvana mix themselves with Justice and Jay Z is dropping bars on the “I Love Rock ‘n Roll” by Joan Jett.

In short, a dynamited mix that is sure to animate not only your Easter weekend but also many of your parties. We strongly recommend you to listen to this wonder and share it with your friends!

– Press play and enjoy your Lazy Sunday –


More infos:
SoundCloud of Atom, SoundCloud of pFeL