The Lego Turntable by Hayarobi


A turntable made of bits and pieces but mostly Lego bricks… and it’s fully functional

turntable made out of lego bricks

Lego fan Hayarobi spends hours making original creations. This time, he decided to mix his passion to the music to build a turntable.

In 2014, I was surfing on the wave of the film “Lego Adventures”. The intoxication of the small bricks invaded me and I quickly found myself, without realizing it, in my Lego box. I do not know if you remember but I tried too, at the time, to create a deck.

To refresh your memory, it looked like this:

lego turnatble made by cb vinyl record art

Unfortunately, despite my exceptional and perfect technical construction skills, I had to face a tough competition from Asia. I could not fight. I soon realized why.

A Korean, a Lego enthusiast (obviously!), has created a turntable from scratch. A true piece of art. It carries the sweet name of “The Planet”.

turntable made out of lego by hayarobiturntable arm made out of lego

This turntable is made out of 2,405 pieces, including a Lego Power Functions Battery Box for the power suplly and a Lego Power Functions M-Motor to run everything. Only the needle from Audio Technica is not stamped Lego! This turntable really does work!

As a proof, I have a video:

At the 2014 Brick Pop Art Exhibition in Seoul, South Korea, Hayarobi also presented an amp tube and a pair of speakers. The final rendering is impressive. Crazy work for an amazing result! The set is homogeneous and very aesthetic. The choice of colours reinforces the cohesion and helps to blend into any home.

Simply classy!

turntable and amp tube made out of lego bricks