Vinyl Record Art – Jesus


A legend from the past returns to find himself into the Vinyl Record Art

At a time when people around the world are in need of landmarks and iconic figures to guide them through those dark and uncertain times, a man returns among his people to show them the way. A two thousand years old bearded man, not one of these hipsters, but one of those shepherds who is guiding the lost souls, finds himself with his face taken and immortalized on a vinyl record sculpture!

portrait of jesus carved out from a vinyl record

I am not religious but I like to work with the symbolism and iconography when I carve designs on vinyl. I loved the subject’s posture and all the suffering that comes out from carrying the cross on his shoulder. This piece took me 25 hours for its realization. The vinyl record is entirely hand carved. No laser cutting here. Also as a reminder, I’m only using scratched and unplayable vinyl records to do carve my pieces of art.

You can also admire, by entering my website, some of my portraits on vinyl records. You can also immerge yourself into my universe and some special vinyl record art series such as: Music, Star Wars, Space Invaders, etc.