The music scene from Detroit rises from the ashes


Detroit sees a new record label emerge, led by Jarrett Koral, a 16 years old kid

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Once a symbol of the American dream and the birthplace of many kinds of music, the city of Detroit fell into disrepair, in part because of its industrial and automobile collapse. After prospering in the 20th century, the “Motor City” hardly regains its splendour. But some are fighting for the city to retain its cultural influence of yesteryear. This is the case of Jarrett Koral, a 16 years old boy who now owns his own record label.

There was a time when Detroit used to shine from all sides. Musically, the city has hosted the headquarter of the famous record label Motown and assisted, among others, to the beginning of the career of many artists such as Iggy Pop & The Stooges, Eminem, Smokey Robinson, Diana Ross, Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, the Temptations, MC5, The Supremes, The Jackson Five and more recently The White Stripes. But since the 2008 economic crisis, it’s nothingness. Some hardcore music lovers are trying to improve the image of the city with few initiatives.

bootsey x, record produced by jett plastic recordings

In 2012, the young Jarrett, 14 years old at the time, wanted to help a local artist to launch his EP. Refusing to be frightened by the task at hand, he decided to produce the album on his own. To do so, he sold his personal records collection and collected approximately $ 2,000. With that money, he created his record label Jett Plastic Recordings. The success has been mitigated but it is a good first experience. The young Koral was not discouraged whatsoever and persevered into that way. After 3 years, the list of artists signed by Jet Plastic Recordings has grown and its musical eclecticism fits perfectly with the musical diversity of Detroit.

To stand out and draw attention to his label, Jarrett Koral has devoted himself to develop a concept. The latter is based on the absence of any restriction regarding the choice of musical genres to produce. All the vinyl produced by Jet Plastic Recordings are coloured and illustrated by local artists. In addition to this aesthetic detail, Koral also had the good idea to use the coloured vinyl as a decoder to read the lyrics on the album cover.

With a well-established concept, a great dose of initiative, Jarrett Koral is close to success and can believe in the renaissance of Detroit. As he says on his website, his goal is to: “support both local and nationwide acts, offering touring support and the chance to have music on vinyl for fans both locally and globally”.

We welcome the initiative of the young entrepreneur and hope that the project receives the magnitude that it deserves!

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