The Lazy Sunday!


The Lazy Sunday: A new way to spend your Sundays!

the lazy sunday, a mix and a day at home
Because a little bit of culture doesn’t hurt, its official, we are launching our new thing: The Lazy Sunday Mix!

What is it, What is it, What is it???

Sundays are supposed to be made to rest. But we know from experience that they can also be the most boring day of the week … A meal at grandma’s, a huge hangover, a picnic in the rain, a hunting party with the stepfather, an afternoon playing cards with the stepmother, and that’s the least of it.

To help you to relax after that long week or to start the new one at top speed, it’s up to you, we offer you, starting today and for all the Sundays to come, a nice little mix!
Hip Hop, Soul, Funk, Jazz, Rock, Electro… we’re not fussy, we love all kind of music!
When the music is good“… as a great French philosopher used to say, we like to share it!

For this world première, we start with some heavy stuff! We start with a band that I think is one of the best, the aptly names The Beasties Boys! Since the death of their legendary emcee Adam Yauch, the fans are multiplying tributes such as dances, comics, etc. For this first Lazy Sunday, we will opt for the excellent mix by AllyAl. He mixed, according to him, the greatest tracks from the period 1986 to 98, from Licensed To Ill through Hello Nasty, all in a 1h40 mix. On the menu today: Hip Hop, Funk and Hardcore Punk. Anyway, a mix to remind us why we love so much The Beastie Boys!
the beasties boys drinking beers
Enough small talk, here is “The Sounds of Science: The Music Of The Beastie Boys – Mixed by AllyAl

Press play and enjoy your Lazy Sunday