“The Unfappening” Project


Dignity for the leaked pictures!

What ever happened…happened and there is nothing we can do about it. I’m not going to tell you the story again because you already know what happened. So yes, it’s bad, it’s unacceptable and I sincerely sympathize with the celebrities who have to endure this horror.

So now, what can we do about these leaked photos? Some people are trying to download them to collect them like a trophy, others are trying to share them and most of the people are trying to delete them from the web such as celebrities themselves, armies of lawyers or the websites who want to buy a second conscience by deleting the photos from their servers right after they published them in the first place. Anyway, the pictures are there on the web and the only task to try to permanently remove them from sites and search engines is a very complicated one.
the unfappening project, kaley cuoco artistically coverd upArtwork by Cb…

Another alternative came from Netherland with the Red Urban‘s creative (Digital Agency) and the talented associates from the company Artbox (Art & Production company). The project is called “The Unfappening“, in opposition to “Fappening“. This project allows artists from all around the world to dress celebrities by using their creativity. Many artists have already tried to play this game and have dressed again Jennifer Lawrence, Kaley Cuoco, J-Lo, Rihanna and other Victoria Justice.

Patrick and Robin, the two creators of the project explained to the “Huffington Post” that they invited artists to censor pictures from the “Celebgate” in order to restore some dignity to the stars with their work created from the original pictures. So, according to them, it’s not about to hide the naked bodies already exposed to the public, but to make the pictures more descent or fun by creating a piece of art that will deserve to be shared more than the original photo.

And I have to stop you here, because I can see you coming at me and telling me: “Ok, all of this is nice. But the artists, they also have to watch and download the pictures in order to work on them!“. And you are absolutely right!!! So we can think together by asking ourselves if working on these pictures in the name of Art, justifies the right to use them? Whether you like it or not, the pictures are there, so let’s try to “wisely” use them and let’s try to do something fun with this digital disaster!

You can see my contribution to the project with the photo above and some of the nice contributions from other artists just below. If you want to check out the site that hosts the project, it’s here: http://www.theunfappening.com/.

the unfappening, let's cover the celebrities upArtwork by Andre Snoei – Artbox

the unfappening project, a celebrity covered up by Greg Mack & Kim Demane Artwork by Greg Mack & Kim Demane

the unfappening, the artists reacted to the leaked pictures by covering up the celebritiesArtwork by DLNQC

the unfappening project, another star coverd up by an artistArtwork by Jordy

the unfappening project, launched by Patrick and RobinArtwork by Giulio Iurissevich – Artbox

the unfappening project, a celebrity covered up by an artistArtwork by Michiel Baumgarten