Vinyl Record Art – Space Invaders


The most famous arcade video game in the world sculpted on vinyl records!

No need to introduce you to Space Invaders, the most popular arcade video game and probably the most artistically recuperated. We all have played, at least once in our live to Space Invaders. Born in the 80s, this game, like many of my generation rocked my adolescence.
space invaders carved from vinyl records, on a star wallpaper
For those who have spent the last 20 years in a basement, here’s a reminder of what Space Invaders is. It’s a video game released in an arcade version in 1978. Developed by the Japanese company Taito, it is considered to be the precursor of the “Shoot Them Up” video games style. Its designer / programmer Tomohiro Nishikado has been largely inspired by several games, books and movies of the time like Breakout, War of the Worlds by HG Wells and George LucasStar Wars to create the game. The aim is simple, is to defeat waves of aliens with a horizontally moving spaceship. It is in the 80s and 90s, a classic video games just like Pac-Man.

This history lesson is now over, let’s move on to the subject that matter to us. I, in my turn, wanted through my sculptures on vinyl records, pay a tribute to Space Invaders. So I carved 3 of the aliens from the game on red, blue and green vinyl records and the spaceship on a black record. The result is a mini series of 4 vinyl forming a bigger picture that can be displayed as wished. I take this opportunity to remind you that all of my pieces are entirely hand carved. I do not use some kind of laser cut.
space invaders carved from vinyl records, animated gif
You can find more of my work on vinyl on Cb … Vinyl Record Art!

And I also take the opportunity of this article to greet the artist Invaders, a street artist with a mission to invade the planet with its mosaics in the image of Space Invaders.