Autora Factory


The art of engraving graphics on a vinyl record

The Japanese artist and designer Shinsuke Yamaji has invented a wonderful process to engrave patterns on the surface of vinyl records. The technique is unique and doesn’t affect the audio quality of the original record.

The project is called Autora Factory Plate. The artist programs and realises the patterns cutting in his own studio.

To engrave your vinyl records, two ways:
The first one, via the user interface on the artist’s website, you can carve geometrical patterns on your own vinyl record.
The second one, via an smartphone application developed by Koji Kimura, you can engrave the patterns of your choice with the music you choose. The process does not affect the quality of the original track.

According to the artist’s website, it will cost you only 40€ (£33 / $56) to cut a 12″ and 30€ (£25 / $42) for a 7″.

Photos : Shinsuke Yamaji