Vinyl Record Art – Blues Man

Vinyl Record Art – Blues Man

handmade vinyl record art by cb... - Blues Man with his guitar on his back

The Blues’ nostalgia is carved out from a vinyl record

Lament of the slave in the cotton fields, the Blues: the song of despair, melancholy, of sadness and of the forgotten freedom was at the time the means of expression of the African American population exiled in United States and Mexico during the nineteenth century. Popular musical genre in the noble sense of the term, the Blues was a great influence on the American musical culture, since it was the root of Jazz, Rhythm and Blues or even Rock ‘n’ Roll.

The word “Blues” is none other than the contraction of the English expression “Blue Devils”. The origin of the word Blues also has its roots in the word “Blue”, meaning “personal story” in Old French. In French this term drifted into “Bluette” meaning for all bluesmen a story, a song told in the first person. For the record, the first ever Blues Man who integrated the 27 Club, is none other than Robert Johnson († 1938), who according to the legend had sold his soul to the devil in exchange for the talent and the dexterity on guitar that we all know.

blues man and his guitar carved out from a recycled vinyl record

The sculpture carved out from a vinyl record presented here is only the result of the symbolic of nostalgia of an era in music blessed by the gods, The Blues era of course. The image of this Blues Man, guitar on his back, a cigarette in his mouth invites you to travel. We can easily imagine this little guy roaming, with his heavy soul, the cities and the countryside in search of an audience ready to listen to his laments, his stories.

Blues and vinyl record almost have a similar story. Very popular at one time, they fall into disuse, are almost forgotten and are back in the spotlight. Two great stories who find themselves honored in a sculpture carved out from a vinyl record!

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