Rodents on Turntables


An advert for Live Nation… It gives you few rodents running on a deck

I found a vestige of Live Nation‘s communication, the California based company in charge of organizing and promoting live shows. The latter commissioned the advertising agency “Division of Labor” to achieve an entertaining video to be broadcast at the beginning of a hundred of concerts organized by Live Nation across the United States.
a rodent running on a turntable
The video is completely absurd but the directing is neat and well executed. In absence of a real basic message, we try to soften us with these little fluffy balls fluttering on the music… well, too bad! But I did not expecting more than that for a commercial aired at the beginning of every concert.

Several rodents are then alternately placed on a turntable with a musical atmosphere of their own. You will admire the eclectic and quality performance.
the rodents on the turntable
Sergio will introduce you to the charm of the Latin music. Chunk will drop you a good scratch session. And for the tenderness, Harry will meet Lloyd to enjoy a piece of classical music, while Herzog will kill your eardrums with a heavy sound.

Enjoy the video!