Lazy Sunday – All vinyl 45’s mix made by Silver Fox


the lazy sunday, a mix and a day at home

Hip Hop, Soul, Funk in a strictly 7’’ mixtape done by Silver Fox!

The holidays are over and most of you have already gone back to school or at work. Summer is slowly ending but don’t worry too much, the Lazy Sunday Mix is also back in the game to bring you the best mixes and a little bit of sun throughout the year!

For this 1st Sunday of September, we introduce you to an excellent DJ, part of the Sip The Juice Team, Bristol, UK, the aptly named Silver Fox!

dj silver fox mixing at see no evil
Photo© Sip The Juice

We have already talked to you about this Hip Hop collective who is bringing fire in England, especially in the area of Bristol. We also have presented to you Silver Fox with his great Hip Hop mix released for the 3rd anniversary of the existence of Sip The Juice.

This time, Silver Fox is back with a Hip Hop, Soul, Funk mix entirely made with 45’s straight from his private collection. An excellent mixtape that will make you feel better and will bring you a little bit of sun to extend your holidays! Just as Silver Fox said, he made this mixtape in his “Fox Fortress while drinking loads of cups of Tea & eating Biscuits”… a very full agenda!

Anyway, no more words, we let you discover this marvel. Feel free to share it!

– Press play and enjoy your Lazy Sunday –

1 – My Massive Hip Hop Cock By The Unknown Stuntman
2 – The Next Message By Mighty Mo
3 – Peckham 123 By Woxy
4 – Here Comes The Judge By Pigmeat Markham
5 – Impeach The President By Honey Drippers
6 – Buy The World A Coke By The New Seekers
7 – It’s The Real Thing By The Ivor Raymonde Orchestra
8 – Funky March By Pound Of Flesh
9 – Come On Do The Jerk By Smokey Robinson
10 – Settle The Score By Cookin’ On 3 Burners
11 – Intermission By Unknown
12 – Popcorn By Woxy
13 – Southern Fried Chicken By Bill Thomas
14 – Cook It By Fallon Williams
15 – Spooky’s Day Off By Swinging Soul Machine
16 – Unknown By Mukatsuku
17 – Planet Rock By Breakout
18 – Papa Got A Brand New Bag By Funktified Enforcers
19 – Outro By The Funk Master

Silver Fox is on: Mixcloud