27 Club


Introducing the 27 Club! The Legends of The Rock

This story is not in any textbook. This is certainly not something that you learn in one’s schooldays. So for those who don’t know about yet, the ‘27 Club‘ is the club of the Legends of Rock or the Martyrs of Music, it depends. All the members of this club have died at the age of 27; it seems that they have passed the word to each other, leaving behind them millions of saddened fans, including me. All died, succumbing to a tragic end during their 27th year of life. So, at the dawn of my thirtieth birthday, here I am reassured that I have smoothly gone through this age. I am here now to tell you the story.

the legend of the 27 club
Photo © Matthieu U.

Robert Johnson is the oldest member of the 27 Club but the legend began to take shape in the late 60’s, with the successive deaths of Brian Jones, Alan Wilson, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin and Jim Morrison. And it really became bigger after the death of Kurt Cobain in 1994, to become a myth. It was only in 2011 that the myth turned into a curse after the disappearance of Amy Winehouse.

Why did they all die at the exact same age? These artists were huge stars, steeped in talent. We talk about persons who influenced their musical genres and conquered several generations. We are talking about The Stones! Canned Heat! Nirvana! and many more… Musical and cultural icons: Innovative – Provocative – Precursor – Visionary – Talented. So coincidence or pure fatality?
The myth remains intact, no doubt that the credo ‘Sex, Drugs & Rock’n Roll’ has something to do with their death. But one thing is certain; you have to die at the age of 27 if you want to enter the caste of legends.

To be continued…

1st episode: Jim Morrison
2nd episode: Kurt Cobain
3rd episode: Amy Winehouse
4th episode: Janis Joplin
5th episode: Robert Johnson
6th episode: Jimi Hendrix