Movember 2015: The battle goes on


It’s Movember, it is time guys to display your greatest moustache!

freddy mercury cutting his moustache
© Steve Wood

As every year, in November, we invite you to join the Movember movement, namely: to grow a moustache after a clean shave. The objective of this movement is to raise awareness and funds for the fight against prostate and testicles cancer.

Gentlemen, it is time to take your responsibilities, to pull out your blade and have a clean shave. Once your pretty face is back again, you have now one month to think about what you want to brighten up your face. Are you going on a thin and elegant moustache like Prince or something more manly like Lemmy from Motorhead? Or perhaps would you affirm your character and will focus on a sober and elegant moustache like Lionel Richie? Moustache that had proved to be successful. Freddy Mercury will not contradict us!

different kinds of moustaches

Whatever the style of moustache: “Handlebar”, “Imperial”, “Hungarian”, “French” or “English”, wearing the moustache will inevitably give you insurance and reveal your true personality. To motivate you to participate and help you to find the perfect moustache, we selected for you several models. Feel free to dig into it to find a style that suits you!

Most important, gentlemen, is to remember that the so-called masculine diseases are indeed a current problem. We have to talk, especially when male attitudes tend to ignore the facts.

So gentlemen, remember, support and proudly wear your Movember moustache!
(Small friendly thought to the beardless: we do not forget you guys)

Here is the link to create your Movember Team