Lego & Music


How to spend your rainy Sundays? Building Lego obviously!

Here is a little Lego series, built on a rainy day. A series about music, Djs… Just everything I like!

Daft Punk
The Daft Punk mixing vinl records on a Lego turntable
Daft Punk mixing records on a Lego  turntableThe Daft Punk in action, mixing plastic vinyl record on their Lego turntable.

The daft punk holding their portrait carved from a vinyl recordThe Daft Punk holding their portrait in their hands. Portrait I carved from a vinyl record.
For more portraits and music designs carved from vinyl records, don’t forget to visit my website Cb… Vinyl Record Art.

The Beatles
The Beatles built from LegoThe Beatles practicing for a gig!
Set made by my brother The Hacker.

A class photo of Djs made from Lego Few Djs reunited for a class photo.
Front row, from left to right:
Carl Cox, David Guetta, Bob Sinclar, Martin Solveig, Cut Killer, Miss Kittin
Second row, from left to right:
Daft Punk, Ellen Allien, Jaguar Skills, Dj Missill

Others Lego constructions