Lazy Sunday Mix – Magnetic Powder Dust by Frenic


the lazy sunday, a mix and a day at home

Hip Hop, Funk & Beats, that’s the excellent mixtape by Frenic !

If Sundays did not exist, they should be invented… This is apparently what God has done and if you ask me, I would say that he has done right! Then let’s take advantage of this godsend to listen to a new mix in the Lazy Sunday Mix!

Bristol is one again under the spotlights this week. It’s not my fault if this city of the South West of England is a real reservoir of talent!

frenic on stage for a dj set

This time, it’s Frenic which offers an excellent mix done in 2008. But who is Frenic? Briefly, Frenic began his career as a Beat Maker for many Hip Hop MC’s. In the late 90s he also was attracted to the growing Drum n Bass scene and will spend few years evolving around it.

More than 15 years on the job, Frenic has forged himself a reputation as one of the best DJs to come out of the U.K. His Sets are considered to be a smart blend of beats, breaks and bass.

With his skills acquired throughout these years of practice in the Hip Hop scene of England, Frenic produced an explosive mix in 2008 simply called “Magnetic Powder Dust”. On the menu, a great Hip Hop mixed with funk, beats, bass… In short, a combination that always works well!

– Press play and enjoy your Lazy Sunday –

1 – stevie wonder (superstitious) vs beastie boys (body moving)
2 – da ville (slum village)
3 – ugly duckling (rio de jinero)
4 – shawn lee (happiness) vs westside connection (bowdown)
5 – mark rice (three people in love)
6 – soul position
7 – false media
8 – frenic (green leaves) vs blackalicious (sky is falling)
9 – numark (the p.o.w)
10 – parker (kats groove)
11 – major force west (the re-retu)
12 – three sounds (soul symphony)
13 – lou donaldson (who’s making love)
14 – the english beat (mirror in the bathroom) vs ghostface killah (mighty deadly)
15 – beck (nicotine & gravy) vs gza (labels)
16 – pete rock (pete’s jazz)
17 – jungle brothers (down with the jbeez)
18 – parker (penny dreadful)
19 – blueboy(remember me)
20 – double standards
21 – the herbaliser (wall crawling giant insect breaks)
22 – gwen mccrae (90% of me is you) vs pharcyde (passing me by)
23 – jaylib (the red)
24 – talib kweli (get by)
25 – soulwax vs skeelo (eye of the tiger)
26 – young mc (know how)
27 – herman kelly (dance to the drummer’s beat)
28 – david bowie (lets dance)
29 – q-tip (breath and stop) vs michael jackson (don’t stop till you get enough)
30 – dee light (groove is in the heart)
31 – dj format (last bongo in brighton)
32 – quantic feat.spanky wilson (when you’re through)
33 – vern blair debate (ooh ah ee)

Frenic is on: Facebook // SoundCloud // Twitter // Bandcamp