Lazy Sunday Mix – Le Bienheureux, a mix by Guts


the lazy sunday, a mix and a day at home

Hip Hop, Soul & Funk, a very cool mix tailored by Guts!

It’s been a while since we haven’t posted anything on here due to work and other obligations! But we have not forgotten you and we are back with another musical gem only for your Lazy Sunday Mix! I strongly advise you to enjoy.

This week we are back with a mix, almost as usual, tinged with Hip Hop, Funk, Soul, just what we like! A mix called “Le Bienheureux” and admirably executed by Guts!

guts djing on stage
© Anthony Black

But who is Guts?
For those who do not know him under his tag, Guts or Gutsy is a French Hip Hop beatmaker and producer. And this is where it will ring a bell since he is none other than one of the founding members, in 1990, of Alliance Ethnik! “Simple et Funky” immediately resonates in our heads.

In 2007, Guts starts the production of some albums that come out under the names of “Le Bienheureux”, “Freedom”, “Paradise For All” and “Hip Hop After All”. His albums are mostly Hip Hop beats. Regardless of the mixtape, they are all true music enjoyment. Moreover, we advise you to buy them now.

On this Sunday, we share with you the first part “Le Bienheureux”. A real mix of Hip Hop, Funk and Soul that will help you to spend your day smoothly. It’s also fairly regularly that I listen to this album when I work on my handmade vinyl record art!
In short, it is with great pleasure that we are listening to this mixtape!

– Press play and enjoy your Lazy Sunday –

1: Intro (0:00)
2: Good Morning (1:18)
3: Everybody Know (3:45)
4: You Know That Shit!!! (7:38)
5: Escucha Me (9:57)
6: Metis (11:46)
7: Nightmare Of Paris (14:53)
8: Take A Look Around You (17:02)
9: Pura-Vida (20:54)
10: Skunkfunk (24:34)
11: Cry & Smile (28:31)
12: And The Living Is Easy!!! (31:34)
13: Sweet Love (36:49)
14: Endless Night (39:36)
15: Narco Trip (44:03)
16: I Love You (“It’s So Hard To Say”) (47:17)
17: And The Living Is Easy (The Dynamics Remix) (bonus) (49:31)
18: And The Living Is Easy (Dj Sayem Remix) (bonus) (54:54)

Guts is on: Facebook // SoundCloud // Twitter // Mixcloud & Bandcamp