The Beck’s Edison Bottle


The first playable beer bottle like a vinyl record.

When the technology of the 19th century meets the 21st century technology around a bottle of beer : so was the guideline of the latest project orchestrated by the ‘Beck’s Record Label Project’ led by the famous german brand of beer Beck’s.

A vinyl record + a bottle of beer = the first playable beer
A vinyl record + a bottle of beer = the first playable beer

The art label is back on track in partnership with the rock band Ghost Wave from Auckland, New Zealand. Together, the accomplished the extraordinary challenge to engrave on the surface of a Beck’s bottle, the new single of the band Here She Comes, just like the Thomas Edison’s original cylindrical phonograph.

Design and build the special device to cut the groove and read it was the challenge of Gyro Constructivists, a prototypes building company based in Auckland. They succeeded the project, they reinvented Edison’s original cylinder player, using modern materials and modern technology.

Beck’s has had a long past with music and art. When Heinrich Beck was brewing his first beer in 1870, Thomas Edison was inventing his phonograph. If you consider that the beer has widely contributed to the music scene, then the physical collaboration seemed to be logical and expected.