Audio Infuser 4700 – Homemade Hi-Fi system


Audio Infuser 4700. A yesterday’s design mixed with today’s technology: it gives you a retro style High Tech Hi-Fi system… The whole thing built in the living room!

faceplate of the audio infuser 4700

Old School vs. New School, it summarizes well Todd Kumpf‘s project. Yesterday, when we wanted to listening to music, we took time. We brought out the beautiful turntable, stained wood frame, small details… We turned on the amp, brushed aluminium, solid switches… Today, to listening to music, we talk about immediate connectivity, wireless technology, mobile devices… With his Audio Infuser 4700 project, Todd wanted to combine these aspects by creating a vintage Hi-Fi system that would meet today’s standards in terms of listening to music

full view of the audio infuser 4700

Behind this project, Todd explains us that his inspiration came from the music itself. Gramatik, Daft Punk, Bonobo, Pretty Lights, Wax Tailor, Mr Scruff and many others, are artists, whom by their musical productions had mixed all kind of genres and bridged different eras. That spirit is what motivated Todd to build this device.

He explains being fascinated by the vinyl’s come back these last years. Also fascinated by the fact that many artists through their productions, remained loyal to the analog support in the recording process, while combining modern techniques and instruments in order to create incredibly powerful and unique sounds. That’s the sound that also inspired him for this project.

To remain in the spirit of making something new out of something old, Todd scoured flea markets, eBay, second-hand shops… On the Old School side, we have a turntable Yamaha YP-D4 (1978), an equalizer JVC SEA-10 (1976) and Emerson CRT from the 90’s. On the modern side, we have a Linux driven Raspberry Pi (nanocomputer). It operates as the Wi-Fi receiver, allowing music to stream wirelessly from any mobile device, laptop… but also it operates as the Wi-Fi output, streaming music from the record player out to other WiFi enabled audio speakers. We also have a Klipsch ProMedia amplifier and many other components.
Anyway, this project, surely took time to be achieved, but the result is so beautiful, impressive and unique that it was worth it.
And like Todd says: Not your grandpa’s stereo!

For more info on the Audio Infuser 4700 project, the process, the technology… Only one place, Todd’s website.

© Photos Colin Davis & Todd Kumpf