Cutting sample from a vinyl record


Cutting samples from a vinyl record is pretty easy this way! o_O

The ways of cutting audio samples have well evolved in the past few years. First, analog, one of the oldest techniques was to cut and paste, often with adhesive tape, some bits from audio tapes. Nowadays, the digital has almost replaced the analog and samples are more and more often made with softwares.

Ishac Bertran, Spanish designer and artist living in New York, has developed quite a technique to cut sample from vinyl records. Nothing unusual you would say!
Just watch!

Like cutting samples from audio tapes, Ishac has only adapted the technique on vinyl records. He’s laser cutting bits from vinyl records and then put them together on others records, creating a whole new record entirely made from samples.
We should have thought about that!

Photos © Ishac Bertran

Tracks heard in this video:
Supertramp – Crisis? What Crisis?
Paul Anka – My Way
Chicago – Chicago X
Lil Jon – Kings of Crunk

For more info on the technique, check out Ishac Bertran‘s website.