Braderie de l’Art ’14 Special – Roubaix, Fr


Thursday’s Discoveries: A special article about “La Braderie de L’Art” 2014 (Art Fair)!

I’ll spare you all the blah blah blah about the establishment of this event because it remains unclear for everyone. You simply have to know that La Braderie de L’Art (Art Fair) enters its 24th edition and that the project emerged in 1991 with Fanny B., in charge of the collective “Art point M”.

La Braderie de l’Art, what is it?

logo braderie de l'art roubaix
La Braderie de l’Art is an artistic event allowing the free expression and creation based on the use of scrap materials and/or used objects. The everyday objects are diverted from their first use and repurposed into something different.

The event is resolutely turned towards recycling and seeks to highlight the artists. La Braderie also gives a critical view on our “consumer society”
La Braderie de l’Art is neither a trade show nor a Christmas market.
It’s a free creation place where items found a new life and a new owner.

Besides this, La Braderie de l’Art also draws its originality thanks to “working conditions”. Artists will indeed have 24 hours to imagine and create their work at “La Condition Publique” in Roubaix, Fr, a gigantic warehouse linked to the past of the textile industry of the 20th century and used today, to host cultural events.

So, what happens next?

The jury selects between 150 and 200 artists: designers, painters, graffiti artists, welders, graphic designers, sculptors … or simply unclassifiable artists like Cb … Vinyl Record Art 😉

Artists will choose parts in more than 2000 m3 of objects and materials to give birth to new objects. You will find a great diversity in their creations. You will be able to see various furniture and objects mixed together, applied artistic techniques on various supports.


Since the 90’s, the flea market had time to evolve and helped to introduce new artists to the people on a locally, nationally and internationally scale. That fair became quite famous and every year, almost 15 000 visitors are pushing the gate of La Condition Publique to live an artistic adventure. For a unique experience and to be at the heart of pure creativity and for a period of 24 hours, La Braderie de l’Art in Roubaix, France is the perfect place!

More info !
La Condition Publique
14 place Faidherbe, 59000 Roubaix

Doors opening on saturday, 6th of december 2014 at 7pm and will close on sunday, 7th of december at 7pm.

60, rue de l’alouette – 59000 Roubaix
Tél. +33(0) 320 367 210 – Fax. +33(0) 320 365 660