Lazy Sunday – The Sextape


the lazy sunday, a mix and a day at home

The sextapes by Drixxxé taking us back to the mid-70s, at a time when adult films still had a bit of class

Another Sunday where we will not do things like everyone else. Today, the Lazy Sunday Mix will be placed under the signs of vintage, kitsch and sensuality! For this new edition, we offer not one, not two but three mixtapes made by the Parisian Beatmaker Drixxxé.

sextape by dj drixxxé

Big mustaches, burning bushes, kitsch decor, furs of all kinds… these are few words to describe the atmosphere of the adult films of the 70s! Part of the “Sexploitation” genre, these films of a particular kind, helped more than one guy to fantasize. Raised to the rank of cinematic art, the erotic films of the 60s and 70s did unveil neither too much nor too little.

Very far from the “Gonzo porn” where sensuality and story are absent, the films of the Sexploitation still had a bit of a class and gladly left room to imagination, desires and subjectivity in the image. We almost regret that time.

The original soundtracks were interesting too. They were part of the show and have even contributed to the popularity, the kitsch and artistic nature of the genre. Largely Soul and Funk, they reflected sensuality, eroticism and the wind of freedom which blew over at that time!

cover of an erotic film from the 70s

Emeritus French beatmaker, part of Triptik & McLuvin, Drixxxé had fun compiling in 3 different Soul & Funk mixtapes / sextapes, the tracks that have made the success of erotic films of the 70s. We’re talking about classic movies like Black Lolita, Laure, Summer school, Aunt Peg, Madame Claude, Skin Flicks, Odyssey, Emanuelle and the Girls of Madame Claude, Vampyros Lesbos, SessoMatto, Sexshop, Sex O’clock USA, Glenda, Emanuelle and the last cannibals, The devil in miss Jones and many more.

In short, a beautiful series of mixtapes with a particular Soul and Funk universe, which I think will make you more than a Sunday.

– Press play and enjoy your Lazy Sunday –

Sextape 1

1. Oddball by Alan Hawkshaw & Brian Bennett
2. Hit the road by Summer School OST
3. Your Smile by Alan Parker, Madeline Bell
4. First Class Ticket/yesterday On Fender by Serge Gainsbourg
5. Laure. by Emanuelle Arzan & Franco Micalizzi
6. Harlem smoke by David Earnest
7. Frozen steam by Alan Parker
8. La via della prostituzione by Nico Fidenco
9. Alto glide by Alan Hawkshaw
10. The Message by Manfred Hubler & Siegfried Schwab
11. Sex Shop by Serge Gainsbourg
12. Better Things To Do Than Talk About Three Weirdos by Russ Meyer’s soundtracks
13. You’re a Winner by Alan Parker, Madeline Bell
14. Sessomatto by Armando Trovaioli
15. Get it up baby by Mort Schuman
16. The Fix by Aunt Peg OST
17. Dancin by Odyssey OST
18. Hocus pokus by Walter Murphy
19. Grigio Peria by Gianfranco Plenizio
20. Pretty soul rock by Summer School OST
21. Get it on with music by Zane cronje
22. Shindai Lovers by Manfred Hubler & Siegfried Schwab
23. Riffin by Aunt Peg OST
24. Soft soled shoes by Steve Gray
25. Kinky Peanuts by Armando Trovaioli

Sextape 2

Sextape 3

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Sextape 4