Vinyl Record Art – Dinosaur


The fossils of dinosaurs meet the fossils of music!

Like many boys, I love dinosaurs. I have many books on the subject at home. When I was little, I knew almost all of them and even wanted to become a paleontologist. My favourite? The triceratops! Moreover, this passion has never really left me and it is with my sculptures on vinyl record that I wanted to pay them a tribute. Knowing that the material that makes vinyl is a derivative of petroleum and that oil is a fossil energy, can we say that we come full circle?

A T-Rex skull carved out from a vinyl record

The first tribute was in the form of a T-Rex skull that I carved out from a recycled vinyl record. This piece of art is number 12 in my collection. What is unfortunate is that at the time, when I did it, I had not yet found the right cutting technique. The result is a little bit dodgy but I like it anyway. It is not impossible that I will do it again one of these days!

Dinosaur Skull made out of a vinyl record

Trixie, the triceratops made of vinyl records

My second tribute was created in the form of a sculpture. I introduce you Trixie, the triceratops. Like I said, the triceratops is one of my favourite dinosaurs. I had many models of triceratops when I was a child and I wanted to reproduce one of them with old and unplayable vinyl records. This sculpture is made of 37 pieces from 5 vinyl records.

dinosaur, Triceratops sculpture made out of recycled vinyl records

Trixie the triceratops is proof that the vinyl record, prehistoric music support, can still grow old!

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