Vinyl Record Art – 2D, Gorillaz


2D from Gorillaz, invites himself on a two colours vinyl record!

2D, born Stuart Tusspot, also known as Stu-pot, is a member of the British band Gorillaz. Born in 1978, 23rd of May, in the county of Hertfordshire and raised in Crawley, West Sussex, he is the lead vocals and plays keyboard for the band. Fictional character, he was created by Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett (famous comic book artist, co-creator of Tank Girl).

He first wanted to be a storm chaser and then a graffiti artist (inspired by Banksy‘s works). To earn his life, at the age of 16, 2D was a seller in a music shop. In 1997, Murdoc Niccals, while driving his Vauxhall Astra, deliberately drove through the window of the music shop where 2D was working. Voluntary act to try to steal some keyboards. In the manoeuvre, Murdoc has run over 2D, putting him in the hospital, in a state, close to the coma. Murdoc gets 30,000 hours of community service and will be forced to visit 2D, especially to take him out for a walk.

A year later, Murdoc, in a lamentable attempt to impress some ladies in a Tesco car park, crashed his car for the second time. 2D, in the front seat, smashed through the windscreen and hit the curb face-first. This second accident knocked him out of his coma and earned his nickname 2D, short for Two Dents. After this terrible accident, the two stooges became friends and decided to form the band Gorillaz. Murdoc as a bass player, 2D as the lead vocals and keyboard player. Noodle and Russel Hobbs, joined the band a while after.

Being myself a fan of Tank Girl and Gorillaz, I decided to pay a tribute to the excellent musical work of the band. I decided to carve 2D’s face out of a vinyl record. The black and purple record that I had in my possession was ideal to do the portrait. The colours perfectly matched.

handmade craft art, 2d gorillaz carved from a vinyl record

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