Vinyl Record Art – The White Stripes


Interlaced red and white stripes on a vinyl record!!! No doubt, this is The White Stripes!

I think that there’s no need to introduce you The White Stripes? Yes, I have to? Ok, for those who spent the last decade in a basement, here is a little reminder. The White Stripes is a rock band formed in 1997 in Detroit, Michigan. The group consisted of Jack White (vocals, guitar, bass, keyboard) and Meg White (drums). In early 2000, the band was heavily involved in the renaissance of the rock and garage rock scene. Two of their six brilliant albums, White Blood Cells and Elephant have been acclaimed and praised by the critics all around the world. The White Stripes owe, in particular, their success to the single Seven Nation Army who became over time a huge hit, not to mention the guitar-line who became iconic. The group split up in 2011. Jack White continued his musical career with some projects like The Raconteurs and The Dead Weather, which I recommend you to listening to.

The White Stripes is a band that I particularly like. Being a huge fan of Jack White and his music, it seemed obvious to me to pay homage to the group by carving their logo on a red vinyl record.

handmade craft art, the white stripes logo carved from a red vinyl record

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