Lazy Sunday Mix – The chill mix by François Rengère


the lazy sunday, a mix and a day at home

The Deep House from François Rengère takes us on a journey through the maze of our imagination with a mix to the borders of reality

I do not know what you’ve done for your weekend, but mine was pretty intense. The week was long and exhausting; the weekend did not really help to reload the batteries. In short, I am glad that we are on Sunday. Finally some rest, a short time to do nothing. Doing nothing, of course, but in music with the Lazy Sunday Mix!

Deep House and Tech House are words that can be scary for a Sunday. Unless you are on an early Sunday morning and in a daze … O_O … For novices, rest assured, François Rengère gives us a very relaxing mix, perfect to end a Sunday!
francois rengere, mix for lazy sunday
From Germany, François Rengère began his career under the name of “Armas”. His background: Trance Progressive / House. He released some tracks including the famous “Angels & Demons” (2005), a very rhythmic Trance track that quickly became #1 of the Dutch IDP Dance Charts. His song is played by top Trance DJs and received massive support from Armin Van Buuren.

A few years later, François Rengère takes a turn in the direction of his career. He left the Trance style to move towards a different kind, quieter and with less BPM: The Deep House. It’s with dexterity that the German Dj operated his career change. He now produces more elaborate and refined sounds with unparalleled depth.

For this new Lazy Sunday Mix, this is a flawless mix performed by François Rengère. “JannoPod # 35 – Deep House Mix”, a mix that he made, not so long ago, for the German labels “Jannowitz Records”. Let’s listen to that gem!

– Press play and enjoy your Lazy Sunday –


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