A mixtape in the colours of the New Orleans Brass


the lazy sunday, a mix and a day at home

Brass bands, orchestras, some sound from the South; Let’s Go Get ‘Em; the NOLA’s mixtape

There is one thing that we particularly like with the Lazy Sunday Mix is distributing some sun. So get your sunglasses because this Sunday the sun will shine and warm your little hearts!

treme, brass band, new orleans
©2012 Alfonso Bresciani

When talking about New Orleans we immediately think to Mardi Gras (Fat Tuesday), Carnival, the party. New Orleans is also the voodoo, the mystical beliefs… It is also the gastronomy, the excellent Cajun cuisine… But it is above all about music, sharing, pleasure of life, a way of life and thinking!

Today we offer you a mixtape made by Franck Forreal and Derrick Ah Sam. The story is simple: during a trip in 2005 to New Orleans, Derrick falls in love with the city and the music. He came back with a playlist that he supplied to Franck to turn it into a cohesive mix. The result, a very beautiful tribute to brass bands that made the legendary musical reputation of New Orleans.

If you have enjoyed this mix, know that it is available on Neworleansbrassmix.com!

If you like aswell this kind of music, the ambience and atmosphere, I urge you to watch this extraordinary TV show called “Treme”, produced by HBO and created by David Simon (The Wire). The pitch: New Orleans in the process of rebuilding itself post-Katrina through music, Mardi Gras, gastronomy… Not to be missed!

– Press play and enjoy your Lazy Sunday –