TruFunk Promo Mix by Chudy


the lazy sunday, a mix and a day at home

A small mix and a lot of Funk for your pleasure

This Sunday, we will do nothing. We will stay at home to work on our sculptures and vinyl records projects. It’s cold outside and there is no way that we are trying to leave the house. Fortunately, the Lazy Sunday Mix will be there to keep us company. What about you, what will you do? A meal at Grandma’s or listen to a good mix by the fireplace?

we funk you

This week, we will warm up a little bit your heart with a good Funk mix. Chudy is in charge of that task. Member of the collective of DJs called Tru Funk, now a successful digital label, Chudy had previously released a promo mix for the latter. Simply called Tru Funk Promo Mix, it promises a nice Funk mixtape full of good mood.

A bit of sun, a bit of funk classics, a lot of good tracks, here we go for a mix that will make move your hips and cheer you up.

– Press play and enjoy your Lazy Sunday –

Chudy is on: Facebook // SoundCloud