Lazy Sunday Mix – A Journey Into The 90’s Hip Hop


the lazy sunday, a mix and a day at home

An exciting journey through the Old School Hip Hop of the 90’s. A mixtape signed by Dj Young Ez

A sunny Sunday in June, it often means: friends, bbq and good music! Cb… does not supply the friends, the spicy sausages nor the beers but gives you a good dose of sound with the Lazy Sunday Mix!

Today, we invite you to immerse oneself in the sound of the 90’s with a good old mixtape, just like we like them. Let’s take the speakers outside, turn up the volume and let’s listen to some good Old School Hip Hop that will make you shake your head just like the old days!

young people listening too hip hop in the street of brooklyn
© Jamel Shabazz

For the purists, the 90’s Hip Hop is THE reference. Inseparable from the Street Culture and from everything that makes it what it is (graff, b-boy, emcee, Djing, block parties…), Hip Hop is more than a movement; it is a whole culture, a way of living.

From Brooklyn, Dj Young Ez leads us with his mixtape, in the Golden Era. Made of classic Hip Hop Old School tracks, it is with great happiness that we are willingly diving into the sound of the 90’s. A mix close to perfection with a selection of tracks that are a real pleasure to hear!

– Press play and enjoy your Lazy Sunday –


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