Abstract 3D Sculpture on a vinyl record


When the 3D dances on a vinyl record, it gives this!

In his 3D video called Chooser, the artist Vince Ream gives an entity to the song Broken Box by The Queen Of The Stone Age. With the rhythm of the music, the record ‘comes alive‘ with bright 3D shapes.

It’s unusual for a rock track to have an abstract video that comes with. We were quite used to having leather and skulls. And yet, the result is really convincing. We therefore welcome the audacity of the artist. According to him, the music choice wasn’t trivial. He wanted a fucking nice track as he says on his Tumblr: ‘I wanted to make an instrumental video with a rock track. This track fucking rocks’.

The artist plays with shapes and lights. The record is dressed with 3D animation. The guitar riffs, the heavy bass and the voice of Josh Homme are beautifully mixed together and they are taking shape. Very abstract but the effect fits perfectly to the song… We are blown away!