Lazy Sunday Mix – The Electro Soul Mix from Gramatik


the lazy sunday, a mix and a day at home

A flamboyant and electric musical selection mixed by Gramatik on behalf of Thump

It’s official, summertime has finally arrived! Today is June, 21st, it’s not only the summer solstice but it’s also “La Fête de la Musique” aka Make Music Day or World Music Day. Two good reasons to celebrate this Sunday in music with the Lazy Sunday Mix!

This week, it’s a heavy sound! Some Electro-Soul (it seemed to be a real thing…) and Downtempo in the way of Gramatik, the whole thing in a mixtape that smells the holidays!


Not so long ago, Gramatik made a mixtape on behalf of Thump, the electronic music and culture channel from Vice Magazine. Since we are not the type of guys who keep everything for them, it is with pleasure that we also share this mixtape!

Slovenian DJ and living in the USA, Gramatik mixes genres: Jazz, Soul, Funk… add to that a good Electro or Hip Hop beat over and voila. He began his career with a Minimal Techno album and very quickly drifted into the Dubstep and Downtempo. Today, his style is a mixture of all these sounds and his mixtape is a reflection of that. This is your chance to listen to this mix, don’t wait; it’s a really good one!

For the anecdote, the man himself is a great defender of the Digital Freedom and the freedom to share on the web. The entire discography of Gramatik is also available for free and can be legally downloaded on his website!

– Press play and enjoy your Lazy Sunday –

1 – ILLUMNTR – “Islands / Mishiakuwan Johnson, Human Alien” (Lowtemp)
2 – Betty Ford Boys – “Icky” (Melting Pot)
3 – Gramatik – “I Love The Way” (Lowtemp)
4 – The Geek x Vrv – “If You Want Her”
5 – Pumpkin & Vin’S da Cuero feat. 20sy – “Fifty Fifty (Instrumental)” (Mentalow Music)
6 – Exmag & Russ Liquid – “VCR”
7 – Lettuce – “Double Header” (Velour Recordings)
8 – D’Angelo and The Vanguard – “Back to the Future (Part I)” (RCA)
9 – Madeon – “You’re On (Gramatik Instrumental Remix)” (Columbia)
10 – Photay – Everytime I Hit Myself in the Head I Think I’m in Paris
11 – DJ Nu-Mark feat. Ernie Hines – “Our Generation” (Hot Plate Records)
12 – Temu & DJ Static – “Talkbox Vigilante”
13 – Johnny Pate – “Shaft in Africa” (Dub)
14 – GZA feat. Tom Morello – “The Mexican”
15 – Andrew Block feat. Ivan Neville – “All I Need (The Noisy Freaks Remix)”
16 – Bondax – “All I See (Pomo Remix)” (Relentless Records)
17 – Haywyre – “Insight” (Monstercat)
18 – Freddy Todd – “Wave Therapy” (Lowtemp)
19 – Russ Liquid – “Twisted” (Lowtemp)
20 – Evil Needle – “Antidote” (Soulection)
21 – Luxas – “53” (Lowtemp)

Gramatik is on: Facebook // SoundCloud // Twitter