Vinyl Record Art – Easter


When fashion meets the record!

Being an artist is also a chance or the opportunity to do collaborations. For this piece of art called ‘Easter’, we’ll come back on the name later on, I asked a very close friend to do a design for me. Marion, not to mention any names, talented fashion designer has accepted the challenge and drew a portrait that I could carve on wax.

Marion is not only a fashion designer with an undisputed talent but she also designs her own collections and has her own cloth shops. If you are in Paris, I advice you to stop by at one of her shops Anne et Marion, located in the 17th and 15th arrondissement.

For the record, the original design has been created on Easter day, hence the name of ‘Easter’. For this piece of art, I decided to choose a turquoise blue record that would highlight the features of this portrait. The vinyl is placed on a black background to play with the contrast and the overprinting just like a negative photo. The final result is a portrait of a woman who just looks like Audrey Hepburn.

handmade craft art, Easter, a woman portrait carved from a turquoise blue vinyl record

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