The animated album covers


How to bring back to life the forgotten album covers

In the era of digital and dematerialised music, we tend to forget what is like to have a cover that comes with a record. And that’s a shame because we all agree to say that the greatest albums almost always come with the greatest covers.

Indeed, it is an undeniable fact that the covers are an integral part of the magic touch of the music albums. I still remember a time, a time that probably the young people under 20 years old can’t even know, a time where I used to go to a record store (Record store? Yes, kids… A beardy man with glasses who used to sell music on wax and plastic…), to dig and buy albums just because the cover was nice. Quite often, very nice musical discoveries.
animated cover of public enemy
To bring back to life these forgotten covers, an artist named Jb had fun animating them with gif. He explains on his Tumblr that he began to animate the covers just for fun. Having so many animated covers, he decided to post them. It would have been wrong to not to. He animated the covers of so many great albums such as Hello Nasty from the Beastie Boys, Random Access Memory of Daft Punk, Piece Of Mind ofIron Maiden, Muse Sick-N-Hour Mess Age by Public Enemy, The Dark Side of the Moon of Pink Floyd and many others.

The result is rather funny, surprising sometimes and we do regret one thing; is that the covers do not come this way yet at the record store. It would be so much fun. Check out his work…
the animated cover of the beastie boys album hello nasty
gif of daft punk album, random access memory
nofx album in gif
the dark side of the moon by pink floyd, animated cover
animated cover of led zeppelin
gif of gorillaz
animated iron maiden in gif
an animated cover of the album of blur
gif of jimmy eat world
More covers on Jb’s Tumblr