The Folding Cardboard Phonograph


GGRP Sound resurrects the phonograph.

Nothing new here!
But GGRP Sound, audio engineering company based in Canada, decided for their marketing campaign to send to creative directors across North America, this little device. A 7”, with its cover who transformed itself into a phonograph.

the folding cardboard phonograph and his vinyl record

The trick, by following the instructions, is to put the 45rpm in the centre of the cover and make it spin with a pencil or any other sharp objects. The needle placed on the cover will amplify the sound vibrations through the cardboard.

the folding cardboard phonograph playing the vinyl record

Like the phonograph, you will be able to make the vinyl record spin by trying to find the right speed to play correctly the track. You could even try to scratch it, just for the fun!

The Folding Cardboard Phonograph advert below.