27 Club – Episode 1/6: Jim Morrison


Episode #1 – Jim Morrison : The Rock’n’Roll’s damned poet

Today, it has been 43 years since Jim Morrison died. 43 years that his grave continues to be decorated with flowers in the Père Lachaise Cemetery (Paris). 43 years during which the mystery persists around his death. Several theories are to be put forward. Heart attack, overdose, plot, directing his death…

The official theory will be the one of Pamela Courson, Morrisson’s partner. According to her, Jim died on the night of July 2nd to 3rd at home. But the young woman will deliver different and sometimes inconsistent versions up to her death of an overdose four years later. Sent in Paris only on July 6th, the manager of The Doors, Bill Siddons, can only certify the death of the singer who died in his bathtub. The circumstances of Morrison’s death led to numerous, especially as upon his arrival, Bill Siddons did not see Jim Morrison’s body but the supposed coffin containing him. No autopsy nor examination were practised on the corpse, the official cause of death being a simple heart attack. Morrison’s lifestyle led for six years supports this version of events. Especially since he demonstrated signs of cardiac insufficiency, difficulties breathing with aggravated coughs.

In another version, Jim Morrison would have gone out in the evening of July 2nd in a trendy Parisian bar, the Rock’n’Roll Circus. He would have come to pick out some heroin for Pamela Courson from two dealers. He would have then deliberately used pure heroin and would have died of an overdose in the toilet of the bar. Fearing the scandal, the manager of the nightclub, Sam Bernett, would have driven Morrison home up to his apartment located rue Beautrellis while Jim was dying or being already cold on the backseat and he would have put Morrison in a cold bath hopping it would bring new life into him. But it did not happen.

jim morrison, died at the age of 27

According to the journalist Stephen Davis, Jim would have been drinking all day long on July 2nd. Back to his apartment, Morrison used heroin with his girl. Around 3 in the morning, the couple fell asleep. But Jim woke up in a lot of pain. He decided to take a bath and started to vomit bits of pineapple and alcohol ingested the day before. It was not until two hours later that Pam woke up and discovered Jim’s lifeless body in the bathtub. He was found dead by firefighters with bruises on his skin. Thinking he suffered from internal bleeding, they tried to revive him, in vain.

And finally the most fantastic version: many fans believe Morrison orchestrated his definitive departure for several months. He would have himself prepared his fake death to cover up his escape. He would therefore still be alive (yep, as Elvis).

All the ingredients are thus combined so that prosper speculations and theories on the real causes of his death. Whatever the real version, one thing is for sure, Jim Morrison stirs admiration and fascinates the crowds. The iconic member of The Doors was and will remain a controversial, tortured and enigmatic character. Despite his multiple convictions for indecent behaviour, public drunkenness, affront to public indecency and consumption of drugs, he remains a major icon of Rock music. With his clear and low voice, then hoarse and deep one (certainly the consequence of the cocktail “drug & alcohol”, he continues to move generations with his psychedelic music aiming towards poetry while bringing out subjects of reflection involving psychology, psychoanalysis and sociology. Exhausted by the Star-system and worn out by his lifestyle, Jim Morrison went dead at age 27, on July 3rd 1971, to be inducted into the hall of fame.

R.I.P. Jim

Thanks to Lola M. for the translation

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Our article on The 27 Club echoed !
After reading the article about Jim Morrison, Marianne Faithfull would have felt overwhelmed by feelings and have decided to “clear her conscience” by delivering her confession.
She would, indeed, advanced developments on the version of the death of the legendary singer of The Doors.

The news is surprising… The truth about Jim’s death !

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