27 Club – Episode 3/6: Amy Winehouse


Episode 3 – Amy Winehouse: A diva with a velvet voice and a self-destructive temperament!

Kids! We are on the 23rd of July! The exact day, the anniversary of the sad death of Amy Winehouse. We are in 2014 and it’s been 3 years since the Soul diva with her 60s voice left us. Today, this is not the time to melancholy; we’d rather want to celebrate her talent. From the release of her first album, Frank in 2003, to the second album Back to Black in 2006, the singer has only known the success and was propelled to the rank of an interplanetary star.
amy winehouse entered the 27 club in 2011
Despite her talent, Amy was unfortunately also known for her setbacks. Since 2007, she became a repeated target of tabloids. In 2007, she also started to have drug addiction problems, she started to massively drink alcohol and fell several times into depression. Her marriage to Blake Fielder-Civil didn’t help her to go through things. In an interview for the Jeremy Kyle Show, Blake acknowledged having initiated Amy to hard drugs. He added that he was present when the singer has used heroin for the first time. From that moment on, everything will never be the same. Consciously or not, she sealed her fate. The repeated use of drugs and alcohol led Amy to relatively serious health conditions.

In 2008, her doctors detected a lung disease in addition to an irregular heartbeat. Despite repeated warnings from the doctors, the diva did not quit smoking and continued to take crack. The singer began her long and very slow plunge into darkness. In the same year, she went back and forth to the hospital. She made the front pages of every tabloid for drug deals, violence and other assaults. Her gigs were consecutively cancelled. When they are not cancelled, Amy still tries to get on stage, even drunk, barely able to articulate and being booed by the crowd. The coup de grace is brought to Amy when Blake asked for a divorce in 2009. Right after that, she became the shadow of herself.

On July 23rd, 2011, Amy was found lifeless by her bodyguard. In her apartment in Camden Town in London, alone in her bed, surrounded by a couple of bottles of vodka, the sleeping beauty went away. She had apparently spent the night playing drums, singing and watching videos of her on YouTube before dying. The autopsy concluded an accidental death due to excessive alcohol consumption (4.16 gr of alcohol per liter in her blood at the time of her death). Deceased at age 27, Amy Winehouse is the latest member to date to join the infamous 27 Club.

R.I.P Amy

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