The Bigger Picture – Beyond the record album cover


The vinyl album covers are extended to reveal the action in the background

Have you ever had this sense of unfinished business when seeing a picture? The idea that something is missing? That something is unrevealed? That by adding a little something, the symbolic would be different?
the beatles, abbey road, album cover
To address this feeling of frustration, the British Web Agency Aptitude decided to put forward their expertise to image a visual extension to the vinyl covers. The project is called “The Bigger Picture” and can be perceive as a true exercise of style. The obligation of creating something out of the 32×32 cm frame is well presented here. The thought outside the box and they knew how to recompose the picture and add a context. The visual of the album cover is diverted to reflect, through multiple references, to a new meaning.

The lads from Aptitude chose their favorite album covers: Michael Jackson, The Beatles, Nirvana, Justin Bieber… WHAAATTTT! – No comment -… to bring their own vision.

As they point out, in this digital era, buying an album has become more practical than anything else. It was a time when we used to buy an album only because the cover was beautiful. Their project pays tribute to this nearly extinct form of art.

They wanted to get noticed, they have succeeded in coming out of woods!

Nirvana – Nevermind

nirvana, nevermind, cover album

Adele – 19

Adele, 19, cover album

Justin Bieber – My World

justin bieber, my wold cover album

Michael Jackson – Off The Wall

michael jackson, off the wall, cover album

Fatboy Slim – Why Try Harder

fatboy slim, why try harder, cover album

Bruce Springsteen – Born In The USA

bruce springsteen, born in the usa, cover album

Blur – Parklife

blur, parklife, cover album

The Beatles – Abbey Road

the beatles, abbey road, cover album