Worldwide Playlist – The Project


The most representative artist / band by country

Who do you think is the most iconic artist in each country? Good question, isn’t it?

This project based on subjectivity and individual opinion (crowdsourcing) aims to determine who is the singer or the band that best represents his/her country regardless the era or the genre!

It will also aim to create a worldwide playlist and will be the starting point of a second future artistic project on which I have already started to work. To be continued…

How does it work?

For some, The Beatles is the most iconic group from England. For others it will be The Rolling Stones, Queen or Oasis. Some think that Frank Sinatra is the most iconic singer in the United States. Others think it’s more like Elvis Presley or Bob Dylan. Some consider that Edith Piaf is the most symbolic singer of France. Others think that the most emblematic French artist is Serge Gainsbourg, Jacques Dutronc or France Gall!

What about you? Who do you think is the most emblematic artist of each country? Tell us in the questionnaire at the bottom of the page!
And see the results almost in real time. The data is updated every 10 minutes.

The most emblematic artist by country – The map

* Click on each pin to see which artist comes first

The Answers

In the table below, you will find the results of the votes of the Internet users. The countries are listed in alphabetical order, and for each country, are listed first the artists who received the most votes (in number and in % according to the number of artists named by country).

The questionnaire

How to participate in the project?

It’s very simple, just answer the questionnaire below.

  • 1 – Choose the country of the artist
  • 2 – Enter the name of the corresponding artist

  • (Try as much as you can to respect the official name of the artist (You can refer yourself to Wikipedia). For example: The Beatles or the beatles → ✅ // Beatles or beatles → ❌ /// Guns N’ Roses or guns n’ roses →✅ // guns & roses or guns and roses → ❌)

  • 3 – Answer the “Social” survey (optional)
  • 4 – Send your answer
  • 5 – You can send multiple answers by repeating the process

Remember, there is no wrong answer; this project is based solely on subjectivity and your own opinion!

You have a question, you want more info and details on the project?
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