Beastie Boys Comics – Sabotage


The video ‘Sabotage’ from the Beastie Boys illustrated like a comics

The beastie boys comics, sabotage

Few days ago, we sadly commemorated the second anniversary of the death of Adam Yauch aka MCA, Beastie Boys MC.
We all still remember the legendary video ‘Sabotage‘, released in 1994 and directed by Spike Jones. In the way of Starsky & Hutch, Blaxploitation style, the video let us discover the Beastie Boys all in leather and moustache.

Speaking of leather and Blaxploitation, if you haven’t seen it yet, I suggest you to watch ‘Tougher Than Leather‘, film released in 1988, featuring Run DMC and for the first time in a film, the Beastie Boys… Just brilliant!

Anyway, in homage to the Beastie Boys and MCA, a fan by the name of Derek Langille, has illustrated from the video, a superb comics. Vintage, moustache, leather… It’s all in there!
Released in 2012, we rediscover this comics with a great pleasure!

You can download the comics of Sabotage right here.

a page from the beastie boys comics, sabotage

In memory of Adam Yauch.